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22nd March 2017

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Marilyn Monroe Airlines Crashes Galway Theatre Festival


Zocorro returns to the Galway Theatre Festival this year with the comedy “Marilyn Monroe Airlines: Always Late and Unreliable!”.  Dublin based writer and performer, Leonor Bethencourt, who’s “Zocorro Rose of Tralee” one-woman-show, delighted audiences all over Ireland, began her relationship with the Galway Theatre Festival in 2016 when she presented a walking tour reclaiming everything Spanish in Galway.


“Marilyn Monroe Airlines: Always Late and Unreliable!” is Leonor Bethencourt’s second one-woman-show.  This “lunch and a show” production is presented in the popular Spanish Restaurant: Cava Bodega. Ticket prices include a serving of tapas.  


Inspired by the turbulent life of Hollywood’s most glamorous icon, Zocorro, the sole crew member of a scandalous budget airline, proudly perpetuates Marilyn Monroe’s best known qualities.   Simmering with raw emotions, this is a comedy about flying and reaching for the stars.  Zocorro, the masked Spanish ingénue with a twist, finds herself in a job she never thought she’d get.  How can she keep up the disarmingly sensual demands of the job and the heady mood of teasing sensuality the aviation business demands?   Marilyn Monroe has the answer…  


‘Delivers killer jokes’ IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

‘Understated wit and lovely comic timing’ IRISH MAIL

‘A keen comic talent’  IRISH TIMES


Venue: Cava Bodega, 1, Middle Street, Galway

Dates: April 20th & 21st at 1pm & 3pm

Tickets €19/€17 (Conc.) /€13 (Early Bird if you book by April 6th)

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets available:

Online at

In person at Town Hall Theatre, Courthouse Square, Galway

By phone at Tel. 091 569 777


For information, photos, interviews contact:

Leonor Bethencourt or 0879719151



“…impeccable timing…a keen comic talent” IRISH TIMES

A regular performer in the Dublin Stand Up Comedy circuit with her character Zocorro, Bethencourt entered Channel 4’s comedy competition “So You think You’re Funny?” making it to the semi-finals in Edinburgh 2007. The show “Zocorro Rose of Tralee” premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2009 and was nominated for Best Show. The show has since toured to: Smock Alley Theatre, The Mill Theatre Dundrum, Kilkenny Cat Laughs Fringe, The Siamsa Tire Tralee, The Blue Frog Ennistymon, Draoicht Theatre Blanchardstown, Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar, The Loft Limerick, Whelans Dublin, Riverbank Arts Centre Kildare, The Savoy Limerick and The Playhouse Derry.

Praise for “Zoccoro Rose of Tralee”:

“ I loved this play!” IRISH MAIL ON SUNDAY – ★★★★

“passion..verve…kept the audience hanging on every word” –

“delivers killer jokes…her wit is undeniable” – IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

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Zocorro, the masked Spanish Beauty Queen, today expressed deep concern at the discrimination by the Rose of Tralee judges.

“It is a matter of fundamental social concern to the people of Ireland who do not have Irish blood. It is a universal right to be a Rose. There are worrying indications that existing practices, such as the surprise random urine tests, are a source of humiliation to Roses who are discovered to have applied to participate in the competition under false Irish descent claims!”, Zocorro stated.

Zocorro tells the world her story in:


a “deliciously wicked, one-woman satire on the Rose of Tralee that hits all the targets with understated wit and lovely comic timing.” IRISH MAIL

* * * * “I loved this play, and I think you will too” IRISH MAIL

“impeccable timing…a keen comic talent” IRISH TIMES

“delivers killer jokes … her wit is undeniable” IRISH THEATRE MAGAZINE

Best Show Nominee Dublin Fringe’09

Zocorro was Semi-Finalist in the  “So You Think You’re Funny” Edinburgh Fringe’07 Channel 4 Competition for Stand-Up Newcomers

“passion…verve…kept the audience hanging on every word”

The hilarious adventure of Zocorro, the wanna-be Spanish Rose tour took place in 2011.

Every August, 32 Roses from all over the world come together in Tralee, Co. Kerry, all of them either born in Ireland or of Irish descent. One of them will be crowned The Rose of Tralee. This is the heartbreaking story of the year the “RiberillaDelAltaHazaña” Rose donned the sash, to fight for truth, for justice, in the Spanish way.

Find out what really happens behind the scenes in Tralee; learn how to peel an apple with a knife and fork, how to get out of the car without showing your knickers, and how when in the company of boys, you must never wear white, because it reminds boys of sheets.

Zocorro is a regular in the Irish Stand-Up Comedy Circuit since 2006. “Zocorro Rose of Tralee”, written and performed by Leonor Bethencourt, sold out at the 2009 Absolut Dublin Fringe and has since enjoyed huge success at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin; The Mill Theatre, Dundrum; The Cat Laughs Fringe, Kilkenny; The Blue Frog Venue, Ennistymon, Draiocht, Linenhall Arts Centre, The Loft Venue in Limerick, Whelans in Dublin, The Riverbank in Newbridge, The Playhouse in Derry, and The Siamsa Tire, Tralee where the real Roses and their families howled with delight at this keen satire; part of the official programme of events of the 2010 Rose of Tralee International Festival.

For more information/interviews with Zocorro: Contact: Leonor Bethencourt 087 971 91 51, Email: and



The Rose who’s well-bred may turn the air blue

(I loved this play, and I think you will too)

It’s always a pleasure when a little gem escapes from the Fringe Festival that deserves to make it in the wider theatrical world. And Zocorro is one of them: a 50-minute, deliciously wicked, one-woman satire on the Rose of Tralee that hits all the targets with understated wit and lovely comic timing.

Leonor Bethencourt as the well-meaning, simple Zocorro, wearing a Zorro mask and a green flamenco-style dress glides to the stage to tell us the story of her journey from Spain to become the Rose of Tralee in fulfilment of her grandmother’s dying wish.

It’s an epic tale that involves advertisements about children and firecrackers, a crucial urine test to establish her femininity and Irishness, an encounter with a leprechaun flasher, her various jobs in Ireland – including her run-in with a Santa – her new definition of rip-off Ireland and a deadly encounter with Rosanna Davidson.

All to achieve that magical goal of winning the Rose contest and becoming the representative of truth and goodness and making the world a better place as well as getting the keys to a Volvo for a year.

Bethencourt is particularly good at that mixture of the pompous and the farcical in a single sentence, and anyone well up in films will enjoy her move references.

But above all it’s her timing and ability to get laughs with deadpan delivery that is impressive.

Even her occasional sexual jokes are never crude, but fit the character perfectly.

The show continues its tour at Draiocht, Blanchardstown on June 17 and 18. For full tour details, see

IRISH TIMES: September 2009

The lights go down. A masked, dark-haired woman in a black dress strides on to the stage, where a single microphone awaits. This is Zocorro, avenger of myriad injustices and self-described epitome of a modern Irish woman. She comes charged with an extra helping of testosterone and ready to sacrifice love or bare whatever is necessary to achieve her goal: to be crowned the Rose of Tralee.

In heavily accented English, reminiscent of The Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya, she waxes lyrical on the St Patrick’s Day parade, on nannying forgettably named Foxrock offspring, on her first leprechaun sighting, on flying Ryanair, on the melodious joys of the Garda Síochána band and on her fight for the Rose of Tralee crown (and the keys to the Volvo that come with it).

Leonor Bethencourt never once drops character in a deadpan monologue, expounding on the vagaries of Irish life with such earnestness that their inherent comedy is instantly evident. Where she shines is in her attention to detail and an impeccable timing that marks her out as a keen comic talent. Ees funny.


“Fresh from The Rose of Tralee festival, Zocorro is here, fighting on the side of all that is right and good in the world!” Thus the comic-strip-style programme trumpets the arrival of Zocorro, a testosterone-fuelled quasi-superheroine bent on tackling the evils of contemporary Ireland. Zocorro’s Spanish ingénue-with-a-twist delivers killer jokes as she fearlessly navigates the tribulations of childminding, neighbourhood flashers and a worrying obsession with becoming the next Rose of Tralee.

Bethencourt’s wit is undeniable, and a retelling of Zocorro’s failed public urine test to establish her Irish-ness (hosted by, amongst others, Ryan Tubridy and Rosanna Davison) combines with a host of other deadpan zingers to elicit howls of laughter.

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